Solving your wardrobe woes one step at a time.

Put your best foot forward every day of the week with our range of wild caught socks, delivered right to your door.

If you’re curious about the fibre of our fabric then you can rest easy knowing that all of our socks are 100% gluten free, fat free, refined sugar free, and hand spun by celebrated sock artisans, fuelled entirely by cold press coffee and beard oil – or, you know, cotton blend...whatever works for you.

What is a sock subscription?

Made with the adventurous sock lover in mind, our monthly sock subscription is the hassle free sock delivery service always keeping you one step ahead of the rest.

Our very own sock elves (kind of like Santa’s elves but with more wine) will hand pick a random selection of designs to send you every single month.

Your socks will be dispatched on the 25th of every month and will arrive at your door within 5 working days. We suggest you fill the time by fantasising about all the fun new places your socks will take you.


Quality combed cotton socks   Shipping world wide   Outrageous colours   Cancel anytime

Want to take a shot with us?


Are you shopping for yourself or a friend? Just choose your subscription style and get ready to put your best foot forward with the best range of wild caught socks nature has to offer.


How long do you want to Sock It Up for? Customise your subscription and we’ll take care of the rest with world wide shipping.  


Sit back, relax and wait for your order to arrive. We recommend you fill in your time fantasising about all the great new places your socks will take you. 

Our Sock Subscription Options

Whether you’re looking to dip a toe in the water or jumping in feet first, we’ve got a subscription to suit every sock lover. 

Our socks are packaged for delivery on the 25th day of each month and should be delivered within 5 business days. Pre-orders are now available for our first distribution date on the 25th of September, 2016.


1 or 2 PER MONTH
Sign me up Soxy

per month + shipping

per month + shipping

Worldwide shipping
Cancel anytime
Satisfaction guaranteed
Delivered monthly


Boxes of 3 or 6

for 3 pairs + shipping

for 6 pairs + shipping

Worldwide shipping
One time purchase
Satisfaction guaranteed
3 or 6 pairs delivered


$15 Single Pringles
for 1 pair + shipping

$29 Spare Pair
for 2 pairs + shipping

Worldwide shipping
One time purchase
Satisfaction guaranteed
Delivered to your door