What is a sock subscription?

Made with the adventurous sock lover in mind, our monthly sock subscription is the hassle free sock delivery service always keeping you one step ahead of the rest. 

All you have to do is sign-up, select your preferred subscription and our very own sock elves will hand pick a random selection of designs to send you every single month.

All orders are charged, packed and dispatched on the 25th of every month and will arrive at your door within 5 working days. 

So the only surprise is finding out which unique design you get! 


About the Socks

Designed exclusively in Australia and made with the finest quality combed cotton, our socks are so much more than just a pretty face (or foot?), they're made to go the distance.

Featuring a comfortable, elasticised top and extra long design from the ankle to stop your sock from slipping down to where it doesn't belong, you'll be glad you let us walk a mile in your shoes. 

But be warned, though our range of socks are fully machine washable, they are not impervious to the Bermuda Triangle of missing socks that exists somewhere in the back of your dryer - we suggest adopting a buddy system to ensure no soles are left behind. 

About the Team

Born from a mutual love of style and nourished by too many bottles of wine after five (four…ok three, what are you our mother?), Sock It Up is more than just a subscription service for the suave and sock-cessful man about town, it’s a way of life! 

Kick started by our very own odd pair Adam and Amelia, Sock It Up is the monthly sock subscription with attitude, solving your wardrobe woes one step at a time. 

With an exciting range of quality socks in an outrageous variety of colours and designs, put your best foot forward every day of the week with our signature range of wild caught socks, delivered right to your door.