Brace your elves, Christmas is coming

Socking around the Christmas tree will make for one happy holiday. 

If you’re hunting for the perfect Chrissy gift harder than you hunt for that elusive missing sock, we’ve got a hole lot of options. Let’s just say that Santa won’t be the only one sleighing this Christmas.

We can’t promise that they’ll be walking in a winter wonderland (thanks Australia), but we sure can guarantee that they’ll be walking in a pair of very merry socks (same same). From one pair of jolly digs to a boxful to a festive subscription, you’ll easily make your way to the top of their nice list this year. 

Did we mention the booze? Oh yes, there’s a little bit of Christmas spirit in our special bundles this year. One pair of socks will be matched with a cheeky holiday sip to keep post lunch celebrations interesting. 

Merry sockmass and a happy shoe year!