Meet your new sole mates

Great things are afoot with our new range. No longer settle for a mismatched pair of old Bonds that you constantly check are hidden under your pants throughout the day, and instead prepare to hitch your trousers all the way up to showcase style that rivals any Parisian fashionista. Your feet will be the walk of the town in these funky designs. 

We know you'll be head over heels for The Young at Heart socks. Covered from mid-calf to toe in pink hearts, and cute enough to make you forget every misleading Tinder profile, your style cues don’t need a change of heart – just a change of socks. 

If you have ever looked at a hot dog and thought, 'I wonder what it would be like to wear that on my foot', we offer a stylish and socially acceptable alternative, the Hot Dawg socks. Relish in the fact that you’re strutting your stuff in a sock that’s 70% combed cotton and 100% carb-free. 

Rise and shine with The Cock Socks, making early mornings slightly more bearable, and rule the roost with this cluckin’ awesome pair. On the other foot, leave your friends wondering where the duck they can get their hands on your look with the Waddle it Be socks.

Get your feet on a pair of socks that will last and stay with you every step of the way.