Christmas Gift Ideas the Whole Office will Love

Start planning your Christmas gifts for the office with these awesome ideas.

You don’t want to be one of those idiots running around the shopping centre the week before Christmas, frantically trying to find a present for your boss or desperately asking your co-workers what Bob from accounting does on his weekends to come up with a Secret Santa gift idea for the office.

Don’t panic. We’ve got this. All it takes is a few clicks, a little bit of keyboard surfing and your digits (credit card, not your number – we’re not Madison Ashley here), and you’ve got all your Xmas presents no poring through Christmas gift guides necessary. You’re welcome.

Christmas Gift Ideas Work


For Mr. Has Everything | Single Sock Subscription

Oh yes, the dreaded gift recipient even Santa has trouble ticking office his list. You’ll recognize them by their obsession with always having the newest smart phone, desk covered in useful doodads and gadgets and water cooler chit chat about their latest life improving purchase. But you know what they don’t have? Amazing socks. That’s where you come in with a single sock subscription, the perfect Christmas gift idea for someone who has everything.

Christmas Gift Ideas for the Office

For The Latecomer | Double Sock Subscription

You know the one. The one who’s never at work before 5 past nine and somehow always manages to miss the bus/spill coffee on their shirt/get stuck in traffic/fail at life in general. Clearly no number of extra alarm clocks is not going to help them, but you know what will? A double sock subscription is a brilliant Christmas gift idea that will save them rummaging around for a pair of socks every morning.

Christmas Gift Ideas Sock Subscription

For The Person on Their Way Out | Pack of Six

If the worst has happened, and you’ve pulled a piece of paper out of Santa’s hat that has the name of the one person everyone knows is not going to make it back to the office in the new year, there’s only one thing to do. Simultaneously demonstrate your sympathy for their plight and give them the gift of extreme style for their inevitable job interviews with a pack of six suave socks.

We’ll even wrap them for you – does Myer’s Christmas gift guide do that?