Gift Packs - Christmas Sockcess!

Brace your elves, Christmas is coming.

Christmas Package Price: $20
Australian Shipping + $8.80
International Shipping + $15
Gift Wrapping + $5

Walking in a winter wonderland? Yeah, Australia doesn’t really get that perk, but you sure can walk in a pair of very merry socks! With a ho-ho-hole lot of pairfect options, your gifts will let them slide into Christmas in style. Did we mention the booze? Oh yes, there’s a little bit of Christmas spirit in each bundle. 

Try these on for size: 

1 x pair Hot Dawg socks
50ml - 2 x Jack Daniels

1 x pair Fineapple socks
50ml - 2 x Absolut

1 x Egg Socks
50ml - 2 x Jamesons


Quality combed cotton socks
Size: US 8-14
Outrageous colours
Worldwide shipping
Satisfaction guaranteed

Bless your cotton socks

Billing & Delivery
Our christmas packages will be available until midnight on the 17th of December, and should be delivered within the following 5 business days*.



Christmas Gift Pack